Completed Events

  • 26th  January/ South Bristol Schools

Bordeaux teaching assistants to visit South Bristol Schools

Six schools across the south of the city will be taking part in the scheme which aims to introduce local children to the French language in a new and exciting way. Informal drinks with the Bordeaux assistant will take place at 7pm that evening.

Project Partners: Bristol Bordeaux Partnership (BBP)/ Quartet/ ESPE University of Bordeaux and the Association Bordeaux Bristol

  • 6-31 March/ Bristol Archives/ Free  

Opening the Bristol and Hannover archives

Bristol and Hannover will be opening up their archives to explore the history of the twinning partnership and will be putting the best of it on display. The Archives exchange will start soon when Christian Heppner of the Hannover Stadtarchiv will come from 6th-31st March, to work in the Bristol City Archive on Bristol’s historical documents, in particular on the history of the twinning partnership between the two cities.  Christian will give a talk about his work in Hannover while he is in Bristol, which will be open to the public.  In November Bristol archivist Graham Tratt will visit Hannover for a similar period, when Hannover Archives will put on an exhibition about the twinning link.

  • 19th March/ 3:15pm/ Colston Hall/ £19.50

The Lantern

Bordeaux’s legendary jazz drummer Roger Biwandu brings his trio to perform at the Bristol Jazz and Blues festival with Pee Wee Ellis. The Bordeaux trio will also appear as the house band each night of the festival. Roger Biwandu has toured and recorded with Jeff Beck, Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller, Salif Keita, Carole King and Womack&Womack. A jazz drummer with heavy funk and African influences, his rhythmic concept is unique.

For more information and tickets, visit:

Project Partners: Association Bordeaux Bristol/ Bristol Jazz and Blues festival

  • 22nd March/ 7:30pm – 9.00pm/ City Hall

Rescuing history: How the Hannover Archives Survived World War Two

Talk by visiting Hannover archivist, Dr Christian Heppner, entitled: “Rescuing history: how the Hannover archives survived World War Two” – Christian is visiting the Bristol Archives as part of an exchange with Bristol archivists in honour of the 70th anniversary. If you would like to attend, please let the Chair of Bristol-Hannover Council know at

  • 26th March/ 4:30pm/ Colston Hall

University of West of England

A one-day festival showcasing performances from members of the UWE Centre for Performing Art alongside work of UWE Bristol students. There will be varied programme throughout the day ranging from jazz to classical. A culmination concert featuring the UWE Symphony Orchestra and University Singers will celebrate Bristol’s twinning with Hannover and Bordeaux and feature music by Brahms, Wagner and Poulenc amongst others.

  • 30th March/Stoke Lodge Adult Education Centre

Talk on “Degenerate Art”   Exhibition                                                                                   

Bristol-Hannover Council will present a talk on 30th March by Colin Evans on the ‘Degenerate Art (Entartete Kunst)’ exhibition held in Munich in 1937.  This exhibition, with 650 works of art, was organised by the Nazi party to show the destructive nature of modern German art, but it was attended by over 2 million people and largely had the opposite effect from that planned by Hitler’s henchmen. The talk will be held at Stoke Lodge Adult Education Centre, Stoke Bishop and, although space is limited, it is open to the public.

If interested, please contact

  • 10th/11th June/Maple Leaf Court in Clifton Green Squares and Secret Gardens celebration of Hannover and Bordeaux

Maple Leaf Court in Clifton, with its sunken Japanese garden complete with teahouse, will be opening their communal gardens to the public as part of the Green Squares and Secret Gardens event. This year they will be promoting the Bordeaux-Hannover-Bristol 70th anniversary, by having an information stand with posters, history, flags and news. They will also be giving their refreshment a twinning twist by serving “Apfel Strudel und Kaffee” and “tarte tatin et café” as well as tea and scones. The organisers include Sylvia Supple, who formed a friendship with a girl in Hannover 1949 and has recently been reunited with her, and also Lynne McAleavey, who lived in Germany for a number of years and is a member of the committee of Bristol-Hannover Council. For more information, see the website.