70th Anniversary T-Shirts and Badges

Dear friends,

To celebrate and raise funds for further activities in the Bristol-Bordeaux exchange programme, we are selling badges and t-shirts. This is a fantastic opportunity to make contact and get new generations on our future twinning trips!

Check out our 70th Anniversary t-shirt and badges by clicking here.

These will also be available to purchase at the zoo event on 23rd June 2017.



The badges: designed by Antoine and Jean-Baptiste in Bordeaux

Bordeaux fete le fleuve

The Bristol delegation to Bordeaux was invited to attend the “Bordeaux fete le fleuve” event (25 May to 1 June) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the twinning.

It was made up of members of the BBP plus guests and led by Alderman Alastair Watson, former Lord Mayor and City Councillor. The programme included meetings with the Bordeaux Bristol Association (BBA), the university of Bordeaux, the Museee des Beaux Arts and Bordeaux Rowing Club to progress a range of current initiatives and ended with an official reception at Bordeaux Mairie in the presence of Mayor Juppe.

Some free time was enjoyed at St Emillion and on the Quayside of the Garonne as well. We are looking forward to welcoming Mayor Juppe and his delegation as well as the group from the BBA later this month when they arrive for the key round table discussions with Bristol City Council and to attend the big family event at the zoo.

The Next 70 Years? Re-thinking our Relationship with Europe

This year the city of Bristol is celebrating 70 years of twinning with Bordeaux and Hannover. These relationships were forged in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, putting Bristol at the forefront of a European project based not just on economic factors, but on shared humanitarian and cultural values.

The University of Bristol’s School of Modern Languages warmly invites you to join us  to explore those values and consider how they might be maintained and adapted for the future. We hope the view from Arts and Humanities subjects will help to refocus the debate about Bristol’s and the UK’s ongoing relationship with Europe in a positive, productive way. Please come along and share your views!

Location: Priory Road Lecture Theatre, Social Sciences Complex, University of Bristol
Date & Times: Thursday 22nd June 2017 at 5.15 – 7.30pm
RSVP: Please register here

Opening statements from: Gino Raymond, Professor of Modern French Studies, Bristol and Rainer Schulze, Professor of English, Leibniz-Universität, Hannover

To be followed by a 15-minute break for wine and refreshments, then a panel discussion with audience Q&A. [chaired by Dr. Martin Hurcombe, Reader in French, University of Bristol]

Dr. Vera Castiglione (Deputy Language Director in Italian); Dr. Rajendra Chitnis (Senior Lecturer in Czech); Dr. James Hawkey (Lecturer in Spanish Linguistics); Mr. Jonas Langner (Language Director in German); and Mrs. Fabienne Vailes (Language Director in French)


David Fay’s ‘Overcome in the Midst of the City’, Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux
Winner of the School of Modern Languages Year Abroad Photography Competition 2009

Bordeaux Students Help Raise £6000 For Charity


Twenty students from Bordeaux’s International Business School (INSEEC) took part in the annual Routes des Vins project in May. The students approach all the famous chateaux in the Bordeaux wine producing region around St Emillion for donations of wine. They then charter a sailing ship and follow the ancient wine route via La Rochelle and Lorient to Bristol. The wine is then auctioned for charity as part of an event organised by the Commanderie de Vins de Bordeaux in Clifton. This year it was decided that the English Channel was just too busy and dangerous for the students to attempt to cross it so they did the last leg in minibuses on the ferry from Caen. The auction raised over six and a half thousand pounds and the funds will be shared equally between the Vie de Rose children’s charity in Bordeaux and the Beira Fund’s work in our twin city in Mozambique. The students were able to enjoy a fish and chip supper near the bridge on the night of the auction and the previous day they were taken to visit a vineyard near Newent where they were informed Gloucestershire champagne wins more awards than the French version! Thanks to the Commanderie especially Charles, Steve and Aidan and to all the students including Kallista and their tutor Helene.


Bordeaux Student Exchange Meets The Lord Mayor

With the Lord Mayor Apr 2017

The Bordeaux participants and their hosts met with the Lord Mayor (LM) in the Chapter House of the Cathedral on the 20th thanks to BBP volunteer Nell Dand who is also a guide at the Cathedral. The building was very quiet in the week following Easter. It all went splendidly as the LM, a former firefighter from Knowle West, got on well with the Bordeaux students. Dispensing with formalities, the LM chatted with the young people and then invited them over to see City Hall for a visit of the LM’s parlour and Council Chamber. The LM was delighted to see the Bordeaux student exchange continuing and wished it every success for the future. Certainly a day to remember for all the young participants and a big thank you to Nell and Vivien Brown as well as the LM and his staff.

Bristol Hosts National Conference On Twinning With Germany

Over 100 delegates from all over the UK and from counterpart cities in Germany packed into City Hall in Bristol to take part in the British German Association’s conference on twinning with Germany. Mayor Marvin Rees welcomed the delegates and spoke passionally about Bristol’s commitment to internationalism and in particular its links with Hannover. Mayor Herman from Hannover also spoke as part of a panel discussion on the evolving nature of twinning within the BREXIT context. Robert Nicholls chairman of the Hannover Bristol Gesellschaft also spoke and took part in workshops with other delegations. The Bristol Hannover committee was well represented and organised the event with the BGA, supported by Bristol City Council, Airbus, Boehringer-Ingelheim, the German Embassy in London and Burges-Salmon.

Second Talk in German Art Series

BHC member Colin Evans gave a second talk in his series on art in the early 20th century, this time concentrating on the infamous exhibition put on by Hitler on ‘Degenerate Art’ (Entartete Kunst) in Munich in 1937. Hitler had rounded up and confiscated much of the Expressionist art in Germany’s museums, considered by the Nazi party to be degenerate and likely to insult and corrupt society, and exhibited it as a warning. In fact a million people saw the exhibition in the first 6 weeks, and overall 2 million in the four months of the exhibition. This was art which was avant-garde, whereas the Great German Art Exhibition, held concurrently to show how art ‘should’ be, was described as mediocre and attracted only half the numbers of the Degenerart Art exhibition. This was again a fascinating talk, and we look forward to the next one which Colin is planning for our Autumn programme!