The 70th Anniversary programme of activities and events will celebrate the historical links between our cities and include themes such as arts, business, environment, science, sports and education with the aim of enhancing international understanding among citizens from all backgrounds across the city.

You can download the official brochure here.

Main Events

The main events to be held in Bristol during in 2017 are:

20 January                 M-Shed opening event

12-13 May                   German Twinning Conference

23 June                       Bristol Zoo Event

18-20 October           Business Summit

23 November            Gala Dinner

Full Programme

The following events make up the full programme. Please check back regularly as new events are being added all the time!

  • 10th October/ 1.15pm /Cathedral on College Green
    The Hannover Bach Choir Performance 

MK_378x267_Bachchor-378x267 (2)

The Hannover Bach choir are coming to Bristol with sixty singers and  will be performing  as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations in the presence of the Lord Mayor who is the President of the Bristol Hannover Council.

This is a free public recital and all are welcome.

  • 13th – 16th October
    Hannover Lindenverein Rowing Club in Bristol!

October will see the latest exchange visit in this long-running partnership between the Ariel Rowing Club of Bristol and Lindenverein of Hannover.  This time 11 rowers will come over to row with and against Ariel in their beautiful river surroundings in St Anne’s.  Their visit will coincide for the first time with Ariel’s annual dinner, which will be a first, and will add spice to their ever-lively social programme.  Bristol leader Steve Howie met his wife Itta, also a rower, in Hannover while on one of the rowing exchanges, so it’s a great context for socialising! Contact:


  • 1st – 4th December
    Bristol School of Gymnastics exchange with Hannover

Details not yet confirmed, but in this, their 30th year of exchanging with the gymnasts of Hannover, there will be an exchange between the two groups of mainly teenagers.  Watch this space!

  • 12th December/ Colston Hall
    In Somebody Else’s Shoes, secondary school project

To recall the original link between Bristol and Hannover, when shoes were taken to the German city for the children and Hannover responded with music, the students will themselves create pairs of shoes and compose a piece of music. Alongside this they will exchange documentary film-making skills and produce promotional videos for primary schools. Hannover and Bristol students will partner up to showcase their designs at a fashion show to musical accompaniment in Hannover in November and later at Colston Hall on 12th December.

For more information contact Ruth Myers at

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