40 years of friendship between the Hannover & Bristol gymnasts

In 1977 Whitchurch Gym Club (now Bristol School of Gymnastics) and Herrenhausen Turn club (now  VFL Eintracht) took part in Bristol City Council’s first sporting exchange with Hannover. Coach Dave Clements and Lin Tayler, pictured below in 1977, took part in the 2017 exchange 40 years later.

Coach Dave Clements (stood at the back) and Lin Tayler,(front right)

The ongoing exchange between the two clubs has been a source of strong friendships and many gymnasts have returned year-on-year to compete.

This year, Ann Kennard of the Bristol Hannover Committee and Vivien Brown of the Bristol –Hannover-Bordeaux 70th anniversary committee watched the two clubs training together at the Bristol School of Gymnastics’s club on Gloucester Road, and saw some very impressive  gymnastics:

Next year Bristol School of Gymnastics will visit Hannover, and this time it will be a competitive event!



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