Cary Grant festival in Hannover!

Frauke Gläser, Hannover City Council writes..

“the Cary Grant Weekend was fantastic! I was really excited to see just how many people came!

On Saturday evening more than 100 people came to the Kino im Künstlerhaus to listen to Elmar Brass Jazz Trio and to have a Gin and Tonic of Hannover`s Gin “The British Connection” and of course to watch Cary Grant movies! We started with the documentary “Becoming Cary Grant”. Mayor Thomas Hermann welcomed our guests from Bristol, Charlotte Crofts, director of the Cary Grant festival, Estella Tincknell, associated professor for culture and film and former deputy mayor, Fern Dunn, coordinator of the Cary Grant festival and Kye Dudd, who had the idea of bringing the Cary Grant Festival to Hannover. As a late-night-movie we showed “Charade” with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

On Sunday morning there was a matinee, where Charlotte gave an illustrated talk about Cary Grant´s Bristol. After that Estella gave a quick introduction into the movie “To catch a thief”. Even the early time at 11 am on Sunday couldn`t stop the people to come to this event. There had been about 60 people.”

Hannover City Council also organised a programme for the Bristol visitors which included an introduction to some workers in the Hannovian film industry; attending the film festival and meeting with Burkhard Inhülsen and Kino im Sprengel.


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