Nicole, a student from Hannover, revisits Bristol.


She writes:

In 2016, I spent six wonderful weeks in Bristol and got to know the city and its residents. Returning to Bristol this year, I felt as if I had never been away.

During my stay, I returned to the Windmill-Hill-City-Farm where I had previously volunteered. The atmosphere among the people who spent their time at the farm is one of the main reasons why I  enjoyed volunteering there so much. It was amazing to be part of something and a great opportunity for me to socialize.

I am studying Law at  University in Germany and this year, I had the opportunity to go to court with a member of the Bristol-Hannover-council Liz Gill, a magistrate, and watch some trials! This was incredibly interesting for me. I realized there are many differences between the two legal systems of Germany and the UK even though they might appear to be similar at first sight.

I also went to one of the Radical History group meetings who promote a united approach from Bristol and Hannover to the catastrophic events of World War 1 and was really impressed by it. A united approach from the countries who originally fought against each other contributes to making people appreciate living in peace, respect and harmony.

In my opinion, the friendships we have and keep across borders strengthen the bond between our countries. Organisations like the “Bristol-Anglo-German Society”, the “Bristol-Hanover-Council” or the “Bristol-Hannover-Gesellschaft” are a great possibility to get and keep in touch with people from both countries.

Without the help of the Bristol-Hannover-Council and especially their chair Ann Kennard, I would have missed one of the greatest experiences in my life. Thanks to them Bristol became like my second home – a place where I can discover new things, meet friends and just enjoy living this different life in Bristol.

Nicole played several of the ‘Play me I’m yours’ pianos around the city during her visit and was even given free drinks when she played the one at the Tobacco Factory beer garden!


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