Hannover Demolition Derby Dolls Demolished


On the 29 July UWE hosted the return fixture when Bristol Women’s Roller Derby took on the Hannover Demolition Derby Dolls – Roller Derby Hannover .

When Bristol travelled to Hannover in 2015 they were beaten 209: 240 but this time they put up a much stronger performance.

A lively crowd including the Lord Mayor and representatives of the Bristol Hannover Council which had helped sponsor the event, watched incredulously as the Bristol team demolished their opponents.


To be fair the Germans had only touched down in the city that morning.  Conny Carter, a German playing for Bristol said “we fought hard and this time BRD (that’s Bristol Roller Derby and not Bundesrepublik Deutschland) came out on top with a final score of 317:152! It was a great game and we loved every second.”


The Hannoverians were then taken out for a beer or two at a Stokes Croft hostelry to drown their sorrows. It is hoped before too long the Bristol team will be heading back to Hannover to keep this exciting and dynamic link going.

Roller Derby


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