Bordeaux fete le fleuve

The Bristol delegation to Bordeaux was invited to attend the “Bordeaux fete le fleuve” event (25 May to 1 June) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the twinning.

It was made up of members of the BBP plus guests and led by Alderman Alastair Watson, former Lord Mayor and City Councillor. The programme included meetings with the Bordeaux Bristol Association (BBA), the university of Bordeaux, the Museee des Beaux Arts and Bordeaux Rowing Club to progress a range of current initiatives and ended with an official reception at Bordeaux Mairie in the presence of Mayor Juppe.

Some free time was enjoyed at St Emillion and on the Quayside of the Garonne as well. We are looking forward to welcoming Mayor Juppe and his delegation as well as the group from the BBA later this month when they arrive for the key round table discussions with Bristol City Council and to attend the big family event at the zoo.


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