Second Talk in German Art Series

BHC member Colin Evans gave a second talk in his series on art in the early 20th century, this time concentrating on the infamous exhibition put on by Hitler on ‘Degenerate Art’ (Entartete Kunst) in Munich in 1937. Hitler had rounded up and confiscated much of the Expressionist art in Germany’s museums, considered by the Nazi party to be degenerate and likely to insult and corrupt society, and exhibited it as a warning. In fact a million people saw the exhibition in the first 6 weeks, and overall 2 million in the four months of the exhibition. This was art which was avant-garde, whereas the Great German Art Exhibition, held concurrently to show how art ‘should’ be, was described as mediocre and attracted only half the numbers of the Degenerart Art exhibition. This was again a fascinating talk, and we look forward to the next one which Colin is planning for our Autumn programme!



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