A new Bordeaux mini-assistants scheme has come to an end


The Bordeaux mini-assistants scheme came to a successful conclusion with Tea with the Lord Mayor at City Hall. The six masters students from Bordeaux university are all training to be teachers of English in Bordeaux primary schools. The Bristol Bordeaux Partnership invites them to Bristol to undertake two weeks of French teaching in six primary schools in South Bristol. This scheme has been running since 2004, supported by the Quartet Community Foundation and has impacted on thousands of local children. The mini-assistants help deliver fun French through songs, stories and games and support the other members of staff who deliver French.

One of the participating teachers said: “I cannot emphasise how much our children got out of having Adelaide here. One of our core values at Ilminster is Community. The children across the school have a good understanding of what it means to belong to our school community, but having Adelaide helped to develop their understanding of what it means to be part of a larger world community. This was further supported by the visit from the Honorary French Consul Josette LeBrat as part of the scheme.”

Pupils commented:

 “I didn’t know nothing about France before but now I know it’s interesting and I just want to know so much more and I want to keep trying new things like speaking new words and eating brioche.”                                                   – Mikey A

“I’ve learnt how it feels to speak another language – now I just want to do it more.”                                                      Ethan F


Photo thanks to Tania Aldersley, Ilminster E-Act Academy shows all the mini-assistants plus some accompanying teachers meeting Lord Mayor Councillor Jeff Lovell.


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