Twin Cities of Bristol

In addition to Hannover and Bordeaux, Bristol has five more twin cities.

In 1984 Bristol was twinned with Oporto, Portugal. The Bristol-Oporto Association (BOA) manages the twinning.

Bristol was twinned with Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1988 and the twinning initiatives are managed by the Bristol-Tbilisi Association (BTA).

Another twin city of Bristol is Puerto Morazán in Nicaragua. The link was set up and developed by the voluntary association Bristol Link with Nicaragua (BLINC) in 1989.

The Bristol Link with Beira (BLB) manages the twinning between Bristol and Beira, Mozambique, which has existed since 1990.

Finally, the most recent twin city is Guangzhou, China. Bristol was twinned with Guangzhou in 2001 and this twinning is managed by The West of England China Bureau (WoECB).

Further information is available on the individual twinning websites:

Bordeaux (BBP)
Hannover (BHC)
Oporto (BOA)
Tbilisi (BTA)
Puerto Morazán (BLINC)
Beira (BLB)
Guangzhou (WoECB)

Also feel free to contact the associations directly if you would like further information:


Mr David Johnson, BBTA Honorary Chairman


Dr. Ann Kennard, The Chair


Ms Liz Gamlin, BOA chairperson


Ms Esther Pickup-Keller, BTA Honorary Secretary

Puerto Morazán

Mr Clive Weston, BLINC Honorary Secretary


Mr Dave Spurgeon, BLB Honorary Secretary


Ms Dianne Francombe, WoECB Executive Director

You can also contact BITA co-ordinator Alix Hughes:





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